Migrants- Skalohori


Family Name: Stavrinos    
Name: Efstratios 
Year of Birth:      1938
Father's Name: Konstantinos (Filia)
Mother's Name:   Maria Katsoulerou (Filia)
Siblings:  Irini (Passa), Georgios, Ioannis, Dimitrios, Olga (Fotiou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1960
Georgios Stavrinos (my brother)
Married:  Chrysanthi Tripatzi (Arisvi, Kalloni) 
Children:  Maria 
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- shops



Above: My father, Konstantinos, at a young age. 

Above Middle: With my sister, Irini.

Above Right: With my school peer, Ioannis Dimos. At the time we were attending the Commercial College in Mytilene.  


Above: Two photographs of myself; on the left, I am at Tsamour's Klao Limani, while on the right I am at Skalohori. 


Above: Skalohori's kafeneio, Tekes. L-R: Fotios Mamoudis, Frangoulis Voudoukis, Georgios Tikellis, Periklis Vathrakoulis, myself and Pandelis Filios. At the time, the kafeneio was owned by Haralambos Sikas. 

Above Right: With my brothers, Dimitrios, Georgios and Ioannis. 


Above: With my wife, Chrysanthi. 

Above Right: My extended family. L-R: my brother, Dimitrios; my sister-in-law, Maria; my wife, Chrysanthi; my brother, Georgios (seated); myself; my sister-in-law, Eleni; and my brother, Ioannis. 


Above: Working at the Two-In-One Milk Bar in Chapel St, Melbourne. My brother, Georgios and I, ran it for many years in the 1960's and named it after two brothers- ourselves- working one shop. 

Above Right: My extended family. Standing are: my nephews, Konstantinos G. Stavrinos and Konstantinos J. Stavrinos, and my brothers, Dimitrios and Ioannis. Seated are: myself, my brother, Georgios, and our horiani, Platon.