Migrants- Anemotia


Family Name: Hideriotou  
Name: Despina
Life:       1919- 2010
Father's Name: Emmanouil 
Mother's Name:   Maria 
Siblings:  Georgios, Dimitrios, Christos 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor:    Maria Hatzikyriazi (her daughter) 
Married:  Panagiotis Contos (Anemotia) 
Children:  Maria, Chrysonthemi 
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia


Above: Her mother, Maria, with her mother, Ralia, and unknown. 

Above Right: Skalohori. With her husband, Panagiotis, and their daughter, Chrysonthemi, and Ioannis Karagiannis (left) and Dimitrios (right). 


Above: Her daughter, Maria (seated front) with (from left): her sister-in-law, Elisavia; her niece, Dorothea and her husband, Stylianos; and her friend, Mando. 

Above Right: Dancing with her husband, Panagiotis, at a panygiri.