Migrants- Filia


Family Name: Thimiou    
Name: Marianthi  
1919- 2004
Father's Name: Tharapontas (Filia) 
Foster Mother's Name:   Victoria (Filia) 
Siblings:  Anthipi, Georgia, Anthodesmi, Panorea, Mihail (one unknown)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Married:  Georgios Anastasiadis (Filia) 
Children:  Tharapontas
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Shop Assistant- Central Cafe



Above: A portrait. 

Above Right: With her husband, Georgios, and her sybethera, Despina. 


Above: At her grandson Georgios' wedding- with her husband, Georgios, and, her grandson, Georgios- with his wife, Eleni. 

Above Right: In her backyard.