Migrants- Stypsi


Family Name: Kamnorokis
Name: Efstratios  
Year of Birth:  1942
Father's Name: Panagiotis (Stypsi)
Mother's Name:   Evangelia Koutselli (Stypsi) 
Siblings:  Maria (Gelagotou), Dimitrios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1960
Sponsor:    Dimitrios Kamnorokis (my brother) 
Married: Soula (Amerisouda) Drakoula (Stypsi) 
Children:  Evangelia, Maria 
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia 
Livelihood: Small Business- shops 

Above: Outside my father's kafeneio in Stypsi. My my father, Panagiotis and I, are first and second from the right respectively. 


Above: On the day Efstratios Orphanides was migrating. L-R: Pavlos Pavlides, Efstratios and Stavroula Konstas; Efstratios Kontsas and Maria Pavlide; myself and Efstratios Orphanides (riders); my sister, Maria; and my father, Panagiotis Kanmerokis.  

Above Right: A portrait.  


Above: In my father Panagiotis' kafeneio in Melbourne. I am with Georgios Tragellis and Georgios Karabetsos. 

Above Right: With my parents, Panagiotis and Evangelia, and my wife, Soula. 

Above Right: In my family business- a delicatessen in Mooney Point Market. I was there for nine years.