Migrants- Plomari

 Life Story

Family Name: Moutzouris 
Name: Panagiotis 
Life: 1917- 2011
Father's Name: Grigorios (Plomari) 
Mother's Name:   Pelagia Maistrelli (Plomari) 
Siblings:  Irini (Frantzoglou), Ioannis, Maria, Anastasia (Sideri), Sophia (Raftelli), Dimitrios, Ekaterina (Protonotarios) 
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1954
Sponsor:    Ioannis Moutzouris (his brother) 
Married: Zoe Karanikola (Patras) 
Children:  Pelagia, Ekaterina, Christos 
City of Residence: Geraldine, Christchurch and Wellington, New Zealand 
Livelihood: Small Business- Fish and Chips Shop (Geraldine)



Above: At his sister Ekaterina's wedding. L-R: Panagiotis himself; his brother-in-law, Konstantinos and his sister, Ekaterina; his brother, Ioannis and his brother-in-law, Nikolaos Sideris. 

Above Right: With his wife, Zoe, at their wedding reception. 


Above: With his wife, Zoe. 

Above Right: With his daughter, Pelagia. 


Above: Dancing a zeibekiko at a family function. 

Above Right: Outside his sister's family home. L-R: his sister, Anastasia Sideris; his brother-in-law, Konstantinos Protonotarios; his sybethero, Emmanouil Sideris; Panagiotis himself; his sister Ekaterina Protonotariou; his sister, Anastasia and his brother, Ioannis. The children his daughter, Pelagia, his niece, Pelagia and Panagiotis. 


Above: holidaying in Plomari. L-R: Panagiotis himself; his sister-in-law, Konstantina and his brother, Ioannis; his brother, Dimitrios; and his wife, Zoe. 

Above Right: Walking through the streets of Plomari. 


Above: As a champion in lawn bowls; Panagiotis played the sport from 1975 until 2003 and played for Geraldine, Christchurch and Wellington local bowls clubs. In this photograph, he was playing for Burnside Bowling Club. 

Above Right: Playing backgammon "tavli" with his brother, Ioannis.