Migrants- Akrasi

Family Name: Asproloupos  
Name: Emmanouil   
Life: 1908- 1966
Father's Name: Mihail
Mother's Name:   Marigo  
Siblings:  Aristides, Ahilleas, Grigorios, Arhondoula, Rinoula
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: early 1930s
Married: Irena Campbell (New Zealand-born of Eglish and Danish parents)
Maria, Michalis, Pauline
City of Residence: Oamaru & Wellington, New Zealand
 Livelihood: Small Business- Restaurants and Commercial Fishermen



Above: The Asproloupos family. Standing are: Ahilleas, Emmanouil himself and Grigorios. Seated are: Arhondoula, Marigo, Mihail "Kasianis" and Rinoula. His brother, Aristides, had already migrated. 

Above Right: A portrait. 


Above: With friends. L-R: Emmanouil himself, unknown (2), Dina Moutzouris, his wife, Irena-holding their daughter, Maria- and unknown. In the front row are: Giorgos laris and his brother, Ahilleas. 

Above Right: holding his daughter, Maria. 


Above: Posing on the streets of Wellington with his friends. Emmanouil is first from the left.

Above Right: With his brother, Ahilleas (left).  


Above: With his wife, Irena. 

Above Right: Inspecting the catch. c1963.