Life Stories- Plomari

Georgos Kalafatellis & Mersa Andriotis Life Stories Continued

by Persephone Georgiakkakis

George and Mersa were stefanosed by Peter and Maria Bares (Marianthe’s godparents).  George and Mersa were Koumbari with Mersina and Emanuel Pitsiladis (Stan’s godparents) and Magdalena and Andreas Pitsiladis (Emanuel and Persephone’s godparents, Emanuel was christened by Andreas and Persephone, Magdalena).  George also christened Haralambos (Harry) Aspros.

Mersa was a very religious woman totally devoted to her family who rarely missed a Sunday morning at church.  She enjoyed cooking the traditional lamb roast, with all the extras, on a Sunday.  Once her children married she continued with this regular gathering until her health started to deteriorate. 

Above: Georgios and Mersa- with their daughter, Marianthe. 

George enjoyed fishing and being out in the fresh air spending hours tending to his garden.  In his retired years he spent his time tending to friends and neighbours gardens as well.

George and Mersa, while they were alive, were blessed with eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild.  

Marianthe:        Elane and Jeffrey                            

Emanuel:         Nick and Alex, and Jack

Stan:                Joseph, Sophia and Phoebe

Persephone:    Emanuel, Helena and Andreas, Persephone is married to Nick Georgiakakis.


Sadly George did not meet Persephone’s third child, Andreas.  However, they did meet their first great grand child, Erin, born to Elane and John, (Elane is George and Mersa’s first grandchild).  Since George and Mersa’s passing a second great grandchild, Ryder, has arrived to Alex and Michelle.  Alex is Emanuel’s second son.

George and Mersa were quiet people who had a small group of very good friends consisting of Koumbari, relatives, fellow Mytilenians and Greek neighbours.  They were well thought of and respected neighbours of their Kiwi friends also.  George and Mersa’s English language was very good.  Mersa’s was not as good as George’s but she could make light conversation.

They would always visit relatives and friends, especially for their names days, and we’d always celebrate George’s.  Mum would always bake lots of cakes for Dad’s names days and for her brother’s names day mum would always make his favourite, Poura (cigars), which she meticulously rolled and laid out on a plate.

George’s health, even though he had been a very heavy smoker, was very good.  Sadly though he suffered bleeding in his brain and spent the last two years of his life at the Rita Angus Rest Home in Kilbirnie so he was close to Mersa.  George passed away peacefully on 3 September 2003, at the age of 89.

Mersa’s health was not as good as she developed diabetes in her late forties.  She managed this very well with a strict diet and medication for many years.  Unfortunately being the type of disease that it is it did affect her heart.  Mersa passed away peacefully on 29 December 2006.

Our parents were very good people who we love with all of our hearts.  Not a single day goes by that we don’t think of them and wish we could share all our special times, good and not so good, that we are experiencing with our children, their grandchildren, with them.  We can only hope and wish they are sharing our joy, and sadly sorrow, with us in their own way. 

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