Migrants- Patras


Family Name: Savanis
Name: Georgios
Year of Birth:      1933
Father's Name: Mihail (Kerkyra) 
Mother's Name:   Anna Sinodinou (Kefalonia)
Siblings:  Dionysia, Polyxeni, Andreas
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1959
Sponsor:    Gov't Sponsored Program (D.E.M.E)
Married:  Christina Romanou (Patras)
Children:  Anna, Mihail
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Electrician, Electrical Repair-person, Musician


Above: My mother, Anna, and sister, Dionysia. 

Above Right: Dancing with my sister, Dionysia, at the Dimotiko Theatro, Patras. 


Above: Ferry-boat ride with friends. L-R: myself, Christos, and, Kostas Athanasopoulos and his brothers, Mitsos and Aristos.

Above Right: Karnavale at Patras. In the foreground, it is me. Seated second from right is my sister, Dionysia, while fifth and fourth respectively are my cousins, Xeni and Chrysoula Morfi.  


Above: With friends, preparing for the Karnavale. In the top row, from left, are: Spyros Spagadoros, unknwon, myself, and, Mitsos and Christos Andonellis. In the front row, on the right, is: Sotiris Panagiotopoulos. 

Above Right: Walking with my friend, Andreas (right) at Psila Alonia. 


Above: With my wife, Christina, and our first car. 

Above Right: With my son, Mihail. 


Above: Playing in the Greek band, Acropolis. L-R: myself, Georgios Aggelakas, Nikolaos Lamtzis, Stamatis Gavrogiannis and Christos Balales. 

Above Right: In the local amateur theatre group at Belmore, Sydney; with Nolia Garafilakis during one performance.