Satire, Colour, and Dancing...Agiassiotiko Style

Another Night to Remember

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Members and guests of the he Progressive Community of Agiassos (Sydney) enjoyed another massive Annual 'Apokriatiko Carnavale' Dance.


Above; And the dance goes on...Agiassos, to megaleio sou...

In a packed Mytilenian House, everyone enjoyed a memorable night of festivity and cheer; there was plenty of satire said, whether political or bawdy, to keep everyone amused. 

Above; It was packed on the dance floor...lots of merriment and cheer. 

There were several highlights throughout the big night; all the 'satirical' speakers added their own flavour to humour. Th every-growing of female dancers- in traditional dress- added colour when they entered the hall and did their dancing.  


Above; Mihalis Christofaris with his 'laterna' poses during his satirical routine. 

Above Right; Efstratios Piperitis- with the baglama- and Vasilis Vasilas (as John Lennon)- with the guitar- jamming on the dancefloor. 

President, Nikos Savvas, thanked everyone for their support and for making the Apokriatiko Dance so successful; he also wished members and guests all the very best for 'sarakosti'- Lent- and Easter. 

                                                         PHOTO GALLERY dancing