Vasilis Vasilas Donates 70 books to Members and Guests

A Generous Gesture

February 21, 2015

At the recent Agiassiotiko Carnavale, by the Progressive Community of Agiassos, at the Mytilenian House, Sydney historian, Vasilis Vasilas, donated 70 copies of his book, Our Homeland; Lesvos, to the association, whose Committee distributed the copies- free of charge- to members and guests. 

 Above; Sydney historian, Vasilis Vasilas, with the President, Nikos Savvas, and Committee Members and their families.

Vasilis pointed out the importance of acknowledging the help from different Lesvian organisations towards Syndesmos, 'We must not forget it was the Progressive Community of Agiassos' donation years ago which helped establish the Syndesmos website. I suppose my donation of copies of Our Homeland; Lesvos is an opportunity to thank the association- its Committee and Members- for all their support over the years.'

It should be noted that Vasilis did a similar gesture with the Antissian Association of NSW last year, where he donated copies of the same book and they were also distributed to the Antissian members and guests at one of their functions.