President's Message

Hi Everyone,
The Macquarie Group Foundation have kindly matched the $3,000.00 raised last July in our Afternoon Tea. The funds were being raised for the equivalent "meals on wheels" in Antissa. Reason this took so long was we were waiting for a receipt from the charity we donated to in Antissa to send us a receipt. Now that this was received, Macquarie Group Foundation have matched it and it will be sent to the same charity in the coming days - $6,000.00 all up goes along way to feeding the 23 elderly and 4 handicapped that get attended to in Antissa.
The impact of another $3,000.00 donation to this charity in Antissa will be enormous. Thank you to everyone who attended the afternoon tea and made this gift of giving to Antissa possible.
Macquarie Group Foundation have also approved my submission for a Staff Participation Grant for community and charity awareness - a cheque for $10,000.00 was received and banked and will go along way in assisting our philanthropic and charity work throughout 2009 and allow us to promote the name of Antissa in Australia.
Thank you to those who are volunteering at the Ronald Mcdonald House in Randwick on 14th March - we now have our 25 volunteers. More information will be sent to you soon. A donation will be given to the house on the day on behalf of the Antissian Association of NSW and will be kindly matched again by our friends at the Macquarie Group Foundation. For more information about this charity, please visit
Please keep in mind, Saturday 2nd May is our 30th Anniversary and Mother Day Dance - I am in the process of organising great prizes for this event so start organising your table numbers and and let me know soon.
Great news and a great way to start 2009 - this promises to be a busy year for all. See you all on 22nd February at our day trip to Kiama. Letters will be sent out in the next week with more information.
John Loukadellis