Migrants- Agra

Family Name: Gianni
Year of Birth: Irini 
Year of Birth:   1954
Father's Name: Panagiotis
Mother's Name:   Maria Sahtouri
Siblings:  Bethlehem (Georgelli), Anthoula (Pasvouris), Panagiota (Malakos), Mihail
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1973
Sponsor:    Bethlehem Georgellis (my sister)
Married: Dimitrios Mamolis (Loutra)
Children:  Eleni, Maria
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Machinist (Sewing)


Above: My parents, Panagiotis and Maria, with my youngest, brother, Mihalis.

Above Middle: With my two sisters. From left, we are: myself, Bethlehem and Anthoula.

Above: With my siblings. From left, we are: Anthoula, myself, Mihalis, Panagiota and our cousin, Athina.


Above: With my sister, Bethlehem. The photograph was taken not long after I arrived in Australia..

Above Right: With my family at our daughter, Maria's baptism. From left, we are: myself, holding Maria, and mu husband, Dimitri, holding our daughter, Hellen.


Above: With my parents, Panagiotis and Maria, during their visit to Australia in 1995.

Above Right: With my husband, Dimitri, and our grandson, George.