Migrants- Antissa

Family Name: Nerantzos
Name: Stylianos
Life:   1941- 2007
Father's Name: Niklaos (Antissa)
Mother's Name:   Katexinoula Peristeri (Antissa)
Siblings:  Despina (Hatzimathiou), Kokkono (Pasli)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1966
Sponsor:   Andonios Karavasilis (his cousin)
Married: Eleni Tefa (Anitssa)
Children: Eftihia (Effie), Xenoula (Jenny)
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Garage Foreman- ICI


Above: His parents, Nikolaos and Xenoula.

Above Middle: With friends. From left they are: Ioannis Douroudis, Chris Zorotheos, himself and Evangelos Katehos.

Above Right: Migrating to Australia on the Ellinis. From left, they are: Vasilios Toumbelekis, himself, Ioannis Katehos and Emmanouil Loukis.


Above: A portrait taken in Sydney.

Above Right: Engaged to Eleni (Tefa).

Above Right: For three years- in the late 1960's- Stelios owned a milk bar business in Guilford. From right, the are: himself, Ioannis Hatzimathios (his brother-in-law and partner) and Spyros Tzortzis.


Above: For over twenty-five years, Stelios was President of the Antissean Association of Sydney.

Above Right: With friends: Nikos Katehos, Panagiotis Dalgitis and Christos Zorotheos.


Above: Visiting relatives in Greece (1996). From left, they are: Ioannis and Despina Hatzimathios ( his sister), himself, Panagiotis, Meropi and a neighbour.

Above Right: With his daughters, Effie and Jenny, and his grand-daughters, Eleni, Eleni and Kyriaki (Kaylah).

Above: His grand daughters, Coco and Alannah.