Migrants- Filia


Family Name: Cotsis   
Name:  Ioannis  Evangelos
Life:   1933- 2008 1941
Father' Name: Vasilios   
Mother's Name:    Sophia Karamoutsou   
Siblings:    Mihail, Georgios, Ourania (Teloniatou),   

Year of Arrival in Australia:

1961 1965
Married:       Ioanna Papazolglou  Maria Koundara 
Children:      Victoria, Sophia Sophia, Vasilios
City of Residence: Sydney Sydney
 Livelihood:   Machine Operator- Foundery Painter


Above: A family portrait  outside a family home.  It was was taken just prior Occupation (1941).

Above Right: Ioannis with his friend, Fotios Zouros, outside Agios Giorgos. Circa 1952


Above: Evangelos, with his friend Thrasivolas Magaikis in Piraeus. Circa 1961.

Above: Evangelos is leaving Greece (1965), and this photograph was taken at Piraeus. He is consoling his mother, Sophia (nee: Kyrgiannis). Seated first from the left is Efstratios Papazoglou (from Lafiona, Lesvos).