Migrants- Agiassos


Family Name: Xafellis 
Name: Grigorios
Year of Birth:   1952
Father's Name: Panagiotis (Agiassos) 
Mother's Name:   Amerisouda Asvesta (Agiassos) 
Siblings:  Prokopia (Panagi). Christos 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1968
Sponsor: Prokopia Panagi (my sister) 
Married: Maria Kloka (Agiassos)
Children: Penelope, Mersina, Panagiotis
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
 Livelihood: Municipal Council Worker 


Above: The Xafellis family. My parents, Amersisouda and Panagiotis- and their children, Christos, Prokopia and me..

Above Right: My parents, Panagiotis and Amerisouda.


Above: My father, Panagiotis, with my brother, Christos, cutting timber. Circa 1969.

Above Right: With a group of friends in Sydney (1969). I am in the foreground. Second from the right is Prokopis Panagis and third is Efstratios Keramidas.


Above: On stage with the Mytilenian comedy, Isotita. I am first from the left- dressed in the vrakes.

Above Right: Dressed in traditional Mytilenian costumes at the Carnivale organised by the Progressive Community of Agiassos (Sydney). Escorting me is Sophia Vetsikas. Circa 1985.