Migrants- Antissa


Surname: Zafirelli  
Name: Efstratia 
Life:  1921- 2002
Father's Name: Polydoros
Mother's Name:   Victoria Daria 
Siblings: Mihail, Katina (Galitou), Georgios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1959
Sponsor:  Anastasios Peramas (her husband) 
Married:  Anastasios Peramas (Antissa) 
Children:  Victoria 
City of Residence: Wollongong, New South Wales 


Above: Her maternal grandmother, Permathoula.

Above Right: Her sister, Katina, is using the sewing machine, while her mother, Victoria, is standing behind her (slightly to the left).


Above: Engagement day. From elft, they are: Efterpi Papadelli, Efstratia, Anastasios (her fiance) and Despina Kyriakelli.

Above Middle: Wedding day; with the groom, Anastasios.

Above Right: Efstratia- holding her daughter, Victoria, and her sister, Katina (left) and Despina.