Migrants- Dafia


Surname: Karagrigoriou
Name: Fotini
Year of Birth:  1939
Father's Name: Christos 
Mother's Name:   Eleni Kalogirou 
Siblings: Simeon, Stella (Agadelli), Lemonia (Malliou), Panagiotis, Afthonia (Hiotelli), Sophia (Pitsoni)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1959
Sponsor:  Rallis Contos (my fiance at the time)
Married: Rallis Contos (Dafia)
Children:  Nikolaos, Christos, Maria 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Dressmaker


Above: Gathering olives at Agios Ignatios Monastery. I am sitting first from the left. My employer was Ioannis Stamatellis. Circa 1958.

Above Right: Visiting my brother, Simeon and his family, in Brisbane. L-R: my son, Christos; myself; my husband, Rallis; my sister-in-law, Eleni; my brother, Simeon; and their children, Peter and Christina.
Above: Returning to Greece for a holiday on the Patris (1967). Next to me is my husband, Rallis.
Above Right: Outside Agios Ignatios Monastery. I am first from the left, while my mother-in-law, Permathoula, is sixth from the right, my sister-in-law, Melpomeni and her daughter, Kyriakoula, are fourth and third from the right respectively.