Migrants- Dafia


Surname: Orphanidou 
Name: Kalliope 
Year of Birth:  1926
Father's Name: Mihail 
Mother's Name:   Marianthi Ginieri 
Siblings: Aliki (Panda), Iraklis
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1967
Sponsor: Panagiotis Vamvouklis (my husband) 
Married: Panagiotis Vamvouklis (Dafia)
Children:  Ignatios, Spyridonas, Simeon
City of Residence: Sydney 
Livelihood: Factory Hand
Year of Return to Greece: 1982


Above: With her husband, Panagiotis and their sons, Spyro, Ignatios and Simeon.

Above Right: With her sons, Spyro, Ignatios and Simeon.


Above: Mytilene Drive, Virginia (USA). Kalliope and her family were visiting her cousins at the time (1974). In the photograph, she is with her son, Simeon
Above: With her husband, Panagiotis, in their family home- in Dafia. They had returned to Greece in 1982.