Migrants- Agiassos


Family Name: Panagis  
Name: Georgios
Year of Birth:  1948
Father' Name: Christos (Agiassos)
Mother's Name:   Maria Florogianni (Agiassos)
Siblings:  Dimitrios, Efstratios, Stella (Panagi), Nikolaos, Prokopis 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor: Stella Margariti (my sister) 
Married:  Efstratia Varvaki 
Children: Christos, Vasiliki, Maria 
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- Earthmoving 


Above: My parents, Maria and Christos.

Above: Portraits of all my siblings and me. In the top row are: Dimitrios, Efstratios and Stella, while in the bottom are: Nikolaos, myself and Prokopis.


Above: Athens, 1966. This photograph was taken just before my wife, Efstratia, and I migrated to Australia. L-R: Mself, Efstratia, and my brothers, Prokopis and Christos.

Above Right: Like many of my horiani, Coober Pedy (South Australia) and tried my luck in opal mining. 


Above: With my siblings. In the top row are: myself, and brothers, Nikos and Prokopios. In the bottom row are: my sblings, Stella, Efstratios and Dimitrios, and my brother-in-law, Diamandis. 

Above Right: Hunting in country New South Wales, with my brother, Nikolaos. 


Above: At a daughter, Vasiliki's engagement. With my family. L-R: myself, my wife, Efstratia, my son-in-law, Panagiotis; and my children, Vasiliki, Christos and Maria.