Migrants- Skopelos


Family Name: Bani 
Name: Kyriakoula 
Life:    1924- 1987
Father's Name: Eleftherios (Skopelos) 
Mother's Name:   Irini (Skopelos)
Siblings:  Panagiotis, Dimitrios, Konstantinos, Georgios, Grigorios, Andreas
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor: Efstratios and Georgios Delimanolis (her sons)
Married:  Panagiotis Delimanolis (Skopelos) 
Children:  Georgios, Konstantinos, Vasilios, Eleftherios
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia--> Skopelos, Lesvos
Year of Return in Greece: 1975

Factory Hand


Above: With her extended family. From right, they are: her son, Eleftherios; herself; her parents, Eleftherios and Irini; her son, Vasiliios; and her uncle, Kostantinos Banis. Her son, Kostantinos, is first from the left- in the back row. 

Above Right: Four generations of family. Kyraikoula is on the left, while her mother, Irini, is on the right, and her maternal grandmother is in the middle, and the young girl is Sophia. 


Above: With her husband, Panagiotis, and their sons, Georgios, Eleftherios, Kostantinos and Vasilios.

Above Right: In her village, Skopelos.