The Philanthropy Continues....

Dear Friends,

The Antissian Association of NSW has committed to donating the following amounts towards our village Antissa, Lesvos . The fundraising efforts for this cause since November 2009 have allowed us to not only meet our $10,000.00 target, but to go above and beyond thanks to our members and friends generosity and support.


We are in the process of sending cheques to the following:

  1. Monastery ‘Perivolis’ in Antissa will receive $12,000.00 towards restoring and preserving this special landmark of religious and historical significance in our village. Together with the money raised from other Antissian Association’s around the world, the aim is to restore it back to past glories and to provide Antissa with a place of interest for tourists and locals to enjoy and be proud of.
  2. An amount of $3,000.00 will be donated to the Antissian equivalent of ‘Meals on Wheels’ that caters for the numerous aged and disabled people within Antissa and its municipality. This money will allow the beneficiaries of this donation to save their money and spend it on important things such as medication, clothing and other sources of comfort and well being. Having seen their efforts first hand in 2008, I know this donation will feed a lot of mouths and be of major benefit for months to come.

I would like to make a special mention to Helen Leondios and family who donated $7,800.00 in memory of their mother. This donation together with funds raised by our members will go a long way towards benefitting those who we represent so far away. 


Thank you to all our members and friends for their generosity, their support and constant concern for the well being of others in not just our community in NSW but also for the people we represent in Antissa. 

All the best and warm regards,

John Loukadellis

President – Antissian Association of NSW