Migrants- Mytilene


Surname: Vougdis 
Name: Evangelos 
Year of Birth:  1937
Father's Name: Georgios (Plomari)
Mother's Name:   Thalia Vrana (Asomatos)
Sibling:  Fotios, Anastasia (Barbani), Stamatis
Year of Arrival in Australia:    1962
Married:  Athina Lapiotis (Zerbisia, Messinia)
Children:  Georgios, Haralambos
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood:  Small Business- Carpentry


Above: My paternal grandmother, Irini Vougdas. 

Above Right: Family and koubari. Sitting are my paternal grandmother, Irini and my father, Georgios. Standing from left are: my brother, Stamatis; my koubari, Maritsa and Athanasios Dekoulakou; my mother, Thalia; my sister-in-law, Argiro- holding her child, Thalia; and Maritsa and Athanasios' two children, Grigoria and Stavrini. They are in our yard of our home in Chrysomalousa. 


Above: As a young child. 

Above Middle: Walking with Dimitrios Stefanou (right). 

Above Right: At the Parko, Mytilene. L-R: Andonios Zingas, me and Lakis Filipidis. 


Above: With my close friend, Nikos Kazantzis (from Agiassos). When I arrived to Australia (1963), I satyed with Nikos and his family for one-and-a-half years.

Above Right: With my friend, Platon Canlis (left) and his wife, Hristofilia.


Above: With my sons, Haralambos and Georgios.

Above Right: With my grandchildren.