Migrants- Antissa


Family Name: Kongelli 
Name: Garoufali "Litsa" 
Year of Birth:   1946
Father's Name: Chrystodoulos
Mother's Name:   Loukratia Leondiou 
Siblings:  Ioannis, Vaitsa (Douvaleta), Myrsini, Georgios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1968
Sponsor:    Dimitrios Kongellis (my uncle) 
Married: Georgios Psiroukis (Agiassos) 
Children:  Elisabeth, Vasilios 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
 Livelihood: Small Business- shops


Above: My paternal grandparents, Amerisouda nad Athanasios Kongellis.

Above Middle: My maternal grandmother, Eleni Leondiou.


Above: My father, Chystodoulos (left), with his brother-in-law, Telemachos Loukis.

Above Right: With my sisters, Vaitsa (left) and Myrsini (seated) at Gavathas (1967).


Above: At a panygiri with friends. From left, we are: my sister, vaitsa, Theologi Katehou, and Despina Valli. I am siting with Irene Valli (left).

Above Right: With friends at an engagement. From left, we are: Despo, Fotini, Tasoula, Fotini and myself.


Above Right: With my husband, Giorgos, in our first family business- a delicatessen in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Above: At the Mytilenian Brotherhood of NSW Annual Dance, where our daughter, Elisabeth, was crowned Miss Mytilene (1989). In the photograph, I am with Elisabeth, my husband, Giorgos and our son, Vasilios.