Migrants- Papados


Family Name: Kyriazis 
Name: Mihail
Year of Birth:   1937
Father's Name: Dimitrios (Papados)
Mother's Name:   Eleni Samara (Papados) 
Siblings:  Efstratia (Kazazis), Maria (Anagnostou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1937
Sponsor:    Dimitrios Koulioumbis (Papados)
Married:  Lydia Konstantinou (Thessaloniki, Greece) 
Children:  Eleni, Eleftheria (Teresa), Michelle 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Shops


Above: My mother, Eleni, with my sisters, Efstratia and Maria.

Above Right: Family and relatives. L-R: my sister, Efstratia; unknown; alking on the promenade in Mytilene. This photograph wa taken prior to me migrating to Australia. I am thirteen years old.


Above: With my aunt, Mersina, and her daughter, Persephone.

Above Right: Outside the Rex Cafe in Walgett, New South Wales, where I was working in the mid-1950's.


Above: Two photographs taken while I was working at the Rex Cafe in Walgett (New South Wales): on the left, I am with Efstratios Tamvakeras(left) and Leo Spathopoulos, and the little girl is Helen Papantoniou; and on the right, I am with Efstratios Tamvakeras.


Above: With my wife, Lydia.

Above Right: With family and friends. L-R: myself; my wife, Lydia; my mother-in;aw, Eleftheria; koubari, Maria and Dimitrios Englezos; Hariklia Mystaka and my father-in-law, Diamandis.


Above: With my wife, Lydia, at the Parthenon, Athens (1976).

Above Right: My wife (left), Lydia, and my parents, Dimitrios and Eleni.

Above: With my three daughters, Eleftheria (Teresa), Helen and Michelle.