Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Surname: Papadimitriou (Dimitriou) 
Name:  Stylianos 
Year of Birth:  1944
Father' Name: Konstantinos (Agia Paraskevi)
Mother's Name:    Maria Koumelli (Agia Paraskevi)
 Siblings:    Marianthi (Soropou)

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Sponsor: Maria Voumvelli (my fiance at the time)
Married:       Maria Voumvelli (Kalloni)
Children:  Maria, Eftihia, Konstantinos
City of Residence: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
 Livelihood:   Small Business- Fish & Chips Shop


Above: My parents, Maria and Konstantinos, with their grandchildren, Effie and Kostas.

Above Right: As a youngster, celebrating Independence Day.


Above: With my friends (from Filia), Tharapos and Koutsaflis'. I am first from the left. We are at the steps of the Agricultural School at Ahladeri.

Above Right: With friends. I am first from the left, while Theologos is in the middle. We are at Stelios "Bloukos" Hiotellis' kafeneio.


Above: At Mytilene with the Agricultural School. We are parading during Agios Tharapon's Feast Day.

Above Right: Kalloni. One of my friends' tables at my engagement party. L-R: Vrakatos, Ioannis Vougioukas, Kostas, Eurypides, Paraschos Hatzigiannis, Haralambos Paleologos and Haralambos Zafirellis.

Above: At my family business- a fish shop at Castle Hill (Sydney). In the background is Ignatios Bouboulas.