Migrants- Skopelos


Family Name: Delimanolis
Name: Konstantinos
Year of Birth:   1946
Father's Name: Panagiotis (Skopelos)
Mother's Name:   Kyriakoula Bani (Skopelos)
Siblings:  Efstratios, Poppy (Karagondi), Maria (Zarglis), Georgios, Vasilios, Eleftherios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:    Efstratios Delimanolis (my brother)
Married: Pagoni Stavri (Skalohori, Lesvos)
Children:  Panagiotis, Maria, Kyriakoula
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business- demolition


Above: With my brothers. From left, we are: myself, Eleftherios, Vasilios and Giorgos.

Above Right: With my parents, Panagiotis and Kyriakoula, and brothers, Giorgos, Eleftherios and Vasilios. I am third from the left.

Above: With my brother, Vasilios.

Above Right: With Giorgos Sklavos (left) and Petros Karavatakis (middle).

Above: Vrahos Greek Nightclub. From left, we are: myself, Peter Karavatakis, Peter Lagoutaris and Giorgos Sklavos.

Above Right: Friends and family. From left, we are: Kostas Tsirkas, Eleftherios (my brother), Takis Stavris, Themis Moutsoukis, Harry Tsirkas, myself and Vasilios (my brother).


Above: With my wife, Noni (left) and her sister, Georgia.

Above Right: As a Committee Member of the Mytilenian Brotherhood of N.S.W. I am sitting first from the left.

Above: Greeting renowned journalist and writer, Freddy Germano, at Sydney Airport with other Committee Members of the Mytilenian Brotherhood.