Migrants- Antissa

Family Name: Tefa
Name: Eleni
Year of Birth:  1949
Father's Name: Theodoros (Antissa)
Mother's Name:   Eftihia Zoumbouli (Antissa)
Siblings:  Georgios, Loukis, Tasoula (Petrelli), Ioannis, Andonia (Zographou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1967
Sponsor:   Loukis and Georgios Tefas (my brothers)
Married: Stylianos Nerantzos (Antissa)
Children: Eftihia (Effie), Xenoula (Jenny)
City of Residence: Sydney


Above: My parents, Eftihia and Theodoros.

Above Right: A portrait.


Above: With my sister-in-law, Despina Hatzimathio, in our family business- a milk bar in Guilford, Sydney. We owned the business for three years (in the late 1960's).

Above Right: Vrahos nightclub with friends. From left, we are: myself, Chrysanthi and Spyro Tzortzis, Ioannis Hatzimathios and my husband, Stelios.


Above: At daughter Effie's and nephew Niko's christenings. From left, we are: Ioannis Hatzmathios- holding Niko- Despina, Stelios and I am holding Effie. As we owned the milk bar business in Guilford together, we shut the shop for a day and did a double christening for our children. 

Above Right: With my husband, Stelios, and our daughter, Effie.


Above: With my husband, Stelios, and our grand daughters, Eleni, Eleni and Kyriaki (Kaylah).

Above Right: My grand daughters, Coco and Alannah.