Migrants- Mandamados


Family Name: Moraitou  
Name: Ekaterina (Kaity) 
1910- 2005
Father's Name: Georgios (Mandamados) 
Mother's Name:   Vasiliki (Mandamados)
Siblings:  Penelope (Laftsi), Sotirios
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1947
Sponsor:    Emmanuel Caldis (her fiance) 
Married:  Emmanuel Caldis (Akrasi)
Children:  Mersyna, Stephan, Anne
City of Residence: Timaru & Wellington, New Zealand
Livelihood:  Small Business: Fish & Chips Shop



Above: .Her maternal grandmother, Anna, with her mother, Vasiliki. 

Above Right: Her parents, Vasiliki and Georgios- with her siblings, Sotirios and Penelope.  


Above: Family. L-R: her brother-in-law, Paraschos Laftsis; her mother, Vasiliki; her sister, Penelope; her father, Georgios; her sister-in-law, Marika; unknown (possibly Marika's mother) and her brother, Sotirios.  

Above Right: .With her siblings and friends. Ekaterina (Kaity) is standing first from the right, while her brother, Sotirios is seated in the middle, and her sister, Penelope, is seated in the foreground.  


Above: A wedding portrait. 

Above Right: With her husband, Emmanuel. 


Above: With her children, Stephanos, Anne and Mersyna. 

Above Right: With Georgia, Adrianna and her daughter, Mersyna. Georgia and Adrianna were migrants of the Gov't Sponsored Migration Program, and Ekaterina (Kaity) greatly helped such young ladies adjust to their adopted homeland.