Migrants- Napi


Surname: Sevastos 
Name: Theologos 
Life:  1881- 1989
Father's Name: Dimitrios 
Mother's Name:   Kanoula 
Siblings: Maria (Karageorgiou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1910
Married: Efthalia Karageorgiou (Napi) 
Children:  Hariklia, Dimitrios, Kanoula
City of Residence: Melbourne
Livelihood: Small Business- Wise Cafe


Above: At St Kilda Luna Park, Melbourne, with friends. Theologos is second from the right, while Ioannis Stratigakis is first from the left.
Above Right: With his wife, Efthalia, Ioannis Kapigiannis and his niece, Eleftheria.
Above: With Panagiotis Haralambous (from Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos).
Above Middle: With his wife, Efthalia.
Above: His three children, Kanoula (Carmel), Dimitrios and Hariklia.
Above Right: Always a lover of Greek dancing.