Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Family Name: Frangouli  
Name: Alexandra   
Year of Birth:   1953
Father's Name: Nikolaos (Agia Paraskevi)  
Mother's Name:   Anna Foula (Agia Paraskevi) 
Siblings:  Miltiades  
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1971
Sponsor: Amalia Gousides (my aunt)
Married:   Vasilios Psaltopoulos (Drama) 
Children:  Nikolaos, Georgios, Efthimios
City of Residence:   Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Machinist- clothing


Above: At a kafeneio in Agia Paraskevi. L-R: unknown, my father, Nikolaos, my aunt, Amalia, Spyridonas (from the United States of America); myself; my mother, Anna; and my brother, Miltiades.

Above Right: Receiving the award for best student in Year 1.  


Above: at the panygiri of Agios Haralambos. 

Above Middle: With my friend, Calliope (right). 

Above Right: With my brother, Miltiades. 


Above; On my wedding day, with my husband, Vasilios. 

Above Right: With my husband, Vasilios, and our koubara, Kiki. 


Above: With my children, Nikolaos, Efthimios and Georgios. 

Above Right: With my mother, Anna.