Migrants- Eressos

Family Name: Giannakelou 
Name: Eleni   
Year of Birth:   1946
Father's Name: Georgios (Eressos)
Mother's Name:   Panagiota (Eressos)
Siblings:  Sophia (Stephanou), Fotini (Delinikoli), Fotios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1967
Sponsor:    Dimitrios Kalfas (my fiance at the time) 
Married:  Dimitrios Kalfas (Antissa) 
Children:  Pavlos, Zaharo, Georgios 
Livelihood:  Factory Hand and Small Business- Fish Shop
Year of Return to Greece:  1972
City of Residence: Antissa, Lesvos, Greece


Above: At my son Georgios' baptism at Perivoli Monastery. Standing second from the left is my father, Georgios, while seventh from the right (back) is my mother, Panagiota. I am standing centre-right. Third and fourth from the left are Leandros and Athina Kalfas.

Above Right: A portrait.


Above: With my husband, Dimitrios.

Above Right: Family and their children. Standing are Vilelmini Kalfa, Maria Kapetanelli and myself, while the children are Ioannis Stephanou, Ioanna and Pavlosd Kapetanelli.


Above: Out at Vrahos Night Club. L-R: my brother, Fotios; my husband, Dimitrios; Andonios Kapetanellis; Stavros and Sophia Stepanou- with their son, Ioannis; Nestoras and Maritsa padermos; Stylianos Kalfas; Electra and unknown; Vilelmini Kalfa; Maria Kapetanelli; myself- with my children, Pavlos and Zaharo; and Harilkia Dede.

Above Right: Out with family- my husband, Dimitrios, and children, Zaharo, Pavlos and Georgios.