Migrants- Argenos


Family Name: Christodoulou (Christie)
Name: Antonios
Year of Birth:   1939
Father's Name: Georgios 
Mother's Name:   Efstratia Tsakou 
Siblings:  Dimitrios, Vasilios, Persephone (Kalpaki)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1958
Sponsor:    Vasilios Christodoulou (my brother)
Children:  Efstratios, Stelios
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
 Livelihood: Small Business- excavations 


Above: My father, Georgios (seated), with his brother. Circa 1903.

Above Right: Lemonia Ladaitzis (holding the child), Mrs Koukoulis, Persephone (my sister) and Efstratia (my mother). The children are Leuki and Efstratios Kaidatzis.


Above: Easter Celebrations. I am holding the icon (left), while Nikos Sofianis is holding the other side.

Above Right: In the Police Boys Club, Wollongong, Tony enjoyed Graeco-Roman wrestling. With Ioannis Kalaitzis.




Above Right: In 1965, I returned to my village for a holiday. From left are: Stelios Kapetanios, myself, Kostas Kalpakis, Kostas Kalpakis and Mihalis Tsakos


Above: With my sons, Efstratios and Stylianos.

Above Right: With my wife, Stella.


Above: My parents, Georgios and Efstratia.

Above Right: Holidaying at Sykamnia. L-R: Tasos Kyriakou, myself and Nikos Zarglis. 


Above:  Wollongong Police Boys Club, 1961. Tony was Junior N.S.W.  Champion (1962) , and third in the Junior Australian Championships of the same year.