Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Family Name: Karapatsas 
Name: Ioannis
Year Of Birth:  1939
Father' Name: Stylianos (Agia Paraskevi)
Mother's Name:   Marianthi Koulika (Agia Paraskevi)
Siblings:  Stavroula (Kalouniatou), Efstathios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1954
Sponsor:    Stavros Comninakis (Agia Paraskevi)
Married: Efrosini Kafkarisou (Agia Paraskevi)
Children:  Marianthi, Efstratia, Stella 
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- Milk Bars


Above: My parents, Stylianos and Marianthi.

Above Right: With my fahter, Stylianos, in Athens' Botanical Gardens. I am preparing to leave for Australia.


Above: Goulburn, 1954. My first photograph in Australia.

Above Right: Forbes, 1955. With Kostas Giannakis.


Above: A portrait.

Above Right: Working at the Excelsoir Cafe in Tumut- with Paraschos "Kazas".


Above: With my wife, Efrosini, and our three daughters.