Migrants- Agiassos


Family Name: Psirra 
Name: Athanasia 
Year of Birth:   1945
Father's Name: Nikolaos 
Mother's Name:   Grigoria Psirra
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1966
Sponsor: Efstratios Giataganellis (my fiance at the time) 
Married: Efstratios Giataganellis (Agiassos) 
Children:  Ioannis, Grigoria 
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Machinist- clothing 


Above: At a panygri with family and friends. Standing from left are: Eleni Psirra, Maria Pagona, Maria Rodanou, Mrs Rodanou, Grigoria Psirra (my mother), Maria Takedelli (my mother's sister), Kouloungena and unknown. Seated from left are: Roula Takedelli, Myself, Dimitris Psirras, Niki Takedelli, irini Rodanou and unknown,

Above Right: Asa teenager, dressed in traditional costume.


Above: In a play at Agiassos' Anagnostirio called Thalassines Agapes.

Above Right: With a friend, Stavroula Kabourelli.


Above: With my cousins, Niki (left) and Roula (right) Takedelli.

Above Right: As godmother to my niece, Eleni Giataganelli. From left, we are: my maternal grandmother, Hariklia Psirra (cut); my future father-in-law (at the time), Ioannis Giataganellis; Efstratios Bouras; Panagiota Giataganelli, Vasilios Kolomondos; myself- with my godaughter, Eleni; Panagiotis Giataganellis; Andonios Zouboulis; my fiance (at the time), Efstratios Giataganellis; and Iakovos Moutzourellis. The boy at the front is Ioannis Giataganellis.

Above: With my husband, Efstratios.