Villages- Plomari


Family Name: Andriotis 
Name: Evangelos    
Life:   1926- 1992
Father's Name: Efstratios  (Plomari)   
Mother's Name:   Marianthi Tiropoli (Plomari) 
Siblings:  Eleni (Vounatsou), Mersa (Karafatelli), Evangelia (Stefani)
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1953
Sponsor:    Mersa Karafatelli (his sister)  
Married: Persephone Owen (New Zealand-born of Plomaritan heritage) 
Children:  Despina, Marianthe   
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand 
Livelihood: Chaffeur/Cook- New Zealand Meat Producers Board



Above: His mother, Maria Tiropoli (left) at a young age. 

Above Right: His parents, Efstratios and Marianthi. 


Above: As an altar boy at his local Church in Plomari. Evangelos is second from the left. 

Above Right: A portrait as a schoolboy. 


Above: A portrait as an officer in the Greek army.

Above Right: With his wife, Persephone.  

Above: Working at home.