Migrants- Plomari


Surname: Hatzeli 
Name:  Mersina 
Life:  1927- 2003
Father' Name: Haralambos (Plomari) 
Mother's Name:    Kleanthi (Plomari) 
Siblings:    Georgios, Maria (Gianouselli)

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Married:       Evangelos Manolios (Plomari)
Children:  Nikolaos, Haralambos
City of Residence: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
 Livelihood:   Porter/Cleaner- Prince of Wales Hospital 


Above: Mersina's parents, Haralambos and Kleanthi.

Above Right: Mytilene, 1962. Leaving for Australia. Back Row L-R: her brother, Georgios, Kiki Gianouselli, her sister-in-law, Sophia Barboura and her husband, Evangelos. Bottom Row L-R: her son, Nikolaos Manolios, herself, her sister-in-law, Aphrodite Lionardou- holding her son, Haralambos, and her sister, Maria Ganouselli. The children on the right are: Emmanouil Gianousellis and Ioannis Barbouras. 


Above: With her grandaughter, Andonia. Circa 1986.