Migrants- Pterounda


Family Name: Hilellis 
Name: Georgios 
Year of Birth:  1940
Father's Name: Ignatios (Vatousa)
Mother's Name:   Maria Mamatsi (Vatousa)
Siblings:  Antonios, Dimitrios, Eleni, (Konstantelli), Mihail, Lefkothea (Hassapi)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1960
Married: Aspasia Gouskou (Zakinthos)
Children: Ignatios, Lambros, Marios, Emmanouil
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- Fish & Chips shops


Above: A portrait of Hilellis family. 

Above Right: Celebrating Lambrodeftera with family. Standing from left are: my brothers, Andonios and Mihalis; my cousin, Koula; and myself. Sitting from left are: my cousin, Poppy; my sisters, Lefkothea and Eleni; my cousin, Eleni; my aunt Maria; and my mother, Maria. The photograph was taken Sto Vraho Apo Kato To Kforahti. Circa late 1940's.


Above: My parents, Ignatios and Maria. 


Above Right: My godparents, Ioannis and Irini Arvanitis.



Above: Mytilene, 1960. Celebrating Apokries. At the time, I was preparing my application to migrate to Australia- getting my papers ready as well as having my medical examination. I am first from the left and next to me are Theodoros and Christos (from Vatousa).  


Above Right: With my family at my grand-daughter, Gabriella's baptism.