Migrants- Eressos


Family Name: Stephanou
Name: Stavros
Year of Birth:   1937
Father's Name: Ioannis
Mother's Name:   Eleni Mihalakelli 
Siblings:  Despina (Karamanli), Kostantinos, Arta (Theodori), Sappho (Tzortzi), Elvira (Deligianni) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1969
Sponsor:    Dimitrios Kalfas
Married: Sophia Giannakelou (Eressos)
Children:  Ioannis, Eleni
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business- mixed business shop


Above: On my wedding day in Eressos (1964). Here, our relatives and friends are accompanying us to St Irini Church. It is a tradition that the groom leads the bridal party, while the bride follows.

Above Right: My wife, Sophia, and I moved to Athens where I worked in the construction sites. In this photograph, we have gone on a family excursion to Corinth. From left are: Priamos Kokkinelos, Athina, my wife, Sophia, her father, Giorgos– who is holding our young son, Yiannis, and me.