Migrants- Stavros


Family Name: Vranis
Name: Efstratia  
Year of Birth:   1924-2013
Father's Name: Vasilios 
Mother's Name:   Eleni Kapetanou Mihalaki 
Siblings:  Vlotina (Kapatou), Maria (Loupou) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1967
Sponsor:    Ignatios Agiaparaskevotis (my husband)
Married:  Ignatios Agiaparaskevotis (Ambeliko)
Children:  Eleni, Irini 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Factory worker


Above: The Vranis Family. From left, they are: myself; my husband, Ignatios (Agiaparaskevotis); my father, Vasilios; my sister, Maria; my mother; Eleni (Kapetanis); my sister, Vlotina; and our neighbour, Bartholomeos.
Above Right: My mother, Eleni, with some her grandchildren. Circa 1969.
Above: In the yard of our house. In the background is the view of Tou Papani (waterfall).
Above Right: Botanical Gardens, Sydney, 1967 (the year we arrived in Australia). From left, we are: a family friend, Froso; my daughter, Irene; myself; my husband, Ignatios; my daughter, Eleni; Giorgos, his mother, Ekaterina, and his brother, Antonis.