Migrants- Alexandria, Egypt


Family Name: Psaroudis
Name: Anastasios 
Year of Birth:     
Father's Name: Georgios (Elata, Chios)  
Mother's Name:   Markela Lalou (Elata, Chios) 
Siblings:  Paraskevoula (Makri), Erasmia (Kalafati), Christos, Evdoxia (Adriani), Miltiades, Maria (Petropoulou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1956
Married:  Aggela Simopoulou (Provitsa, Akrata, Peloponnese) 
Children:  Georgios, Vasilios, Markelos
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Motor Mechanic (folk-lifts/cranes) 



Above: Chios, 1937. As a baby, with my parents, Markela and Georgios, and sister, Paraskevoula. 'After living in Alexandria for so many years, my parents wanted to return to their homeland, Chios, after I was born. Although we all relocated to Chios, it was not long before the family returned to Alexandria.'  

Above Right: With parents and siblings. L-R: myself, my father, Georgios, my siblings, Paraskevoula, Evdoxia, Christos, my mother, Markela, and sister, Erasmia.


Above: 'Tositseas' Greek Primary School, Alexandria, Egypt. A fourth grade photograph with Mr Pahopos' class. Anastasios Psaroudis is second from the right in the top row.  

Above Right: Receiving a sports award from the President of the Greek community, Dimitrios Zerbinis at a sports carnival. 


Above: Sydney, late 1950s. At a social dance. L-R: myself, my sister, Erasmia, and her husband, Panagiotis, and Stelios Adrianis. 

Above Right: With Stelios Adrianis (left) and Stelios Papastamatiou (right). 

Above: An animated photograph from my engagement party. L-R: Takis Triantis, Vangelis Romanos, Kostas Gennaris myself, Nikos Kalaitzis, my fiance, Aggela, Jimmy Nikolopoulos, Mihalis Petridis and my sister, Evdoxia. Takis, Vangelis, Kostas, Nikos and Jimmy were my co-players at Pan-Hellenic SC. 


Above: Honeymooning in Queensland; we are visiting the Nikolopoulos farm. On the left is my wife Aggela and myself, while on the right is Jimmy and Elpida Nikolopoulos= with their daughter.

Above Right: Out with friends. L-R: Rosemary, my wife, Aggela, Andonios Galanos, Giannis and Roula Karagiannis. Andonios and I were friends from Egypt and played together at Pan-Hellenic SC, while Giannis also played for Pan-Hellenic too.