Migrants- Antissa


Family Name: Peristeris
Name: Andonios
1924- 1984
Father's Name: Christos (Smyrni, Asia Minor) 
Mother's Name:   Magdalene Kourdoni (Antissa)
Siblings:  Posoula (Gavriil), Mihail
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E. Gov't Sponsored Program 
Married:  Myrsini Mavrofora (Antissa) 
Children:  Madgalene, Maria 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Factoryhand



Above: With his wife, Myrsini. 

Above Right: A photograph taken during his National Service. Andonios is on the right. 


Above: At Bonegilla Migrant Camp- with other migrants. Andonios is second from the right. 

Above Right: A photograph taken at the house his wife, Myrsini, and Andonios- standing first and second respectively- were renting in Newcastle. circa mid- 1950s.


Above: At Merewether Beach. L-R: Dimitrios and Panagiotis Katsikis, his daughter, Magdalene, Andonios himself, his daughter, Maria, Stella Patinioti, his wife, Myrsini, Irini Patinioti, Mihail Patinioti and Nikolaos Katsikis.

Above Right: With friends. L-R: Fotini and Stavros Touloumides, his daughter, Maria, Mihail Patiniotis, his daughter, Magdalene, Andonios himself, his wife, Myrsini (top) and unknown.   

Above: Receiving a haircut from his brother, Mihail. On the right is his cousin, Paraschos Peristeris.