Migrants- Dafia


Surname: Christou 
Name: Georgios 
Life:  1925- 1998
Father's Name: Stylianos 
Mother's Name:   Kyriaki Tzinieris
Siblings: Platon 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor: Gov't Sponsored Program (DEME)
Married: Melpomeni Contos (Dafia)
Children:  Paraskevas, Kyriakoula
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Factory Hand- Dunlop Tyres


Above: Harvesting potatoes. Giorgos is fourth from the left.

Above Right: During his National Service (1946- 48)


Above: With his wife, Melpomeni, his son, paraskevas, and a cousin, Thelka.

Above Right: With his koubaro, Ignatios Agamalis.


Above: With his wife, Melpomeni, his daughter, Kyriakoula (third from left) and himself.

Above Right: With family. From left, they are: his son-in-law, Marinos; his brother, Platon; his daughter, Kyriakoula; his sister-in-law, Hariklia; his wife, Melpo; and himself.