Migrants- Filia


Family Name: Eskitzis
Name: Ioannis 
Year of Birth:      1935
Father's Name: Athanasios (Filia) 
Mother's Name:   Maria Teloniatou (Filia)
Siblings:  Stella (Hatzikonstanti), Dimitrios  
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Married:  Sotiria Hideriotou (Filia)
Children:  Athanasios, Mihail
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Factory hand- Allens Lolly Factory



Above: With my family. L-R: my brother, Dimitrios; myself; and my mother, Maria. 

Above Right: My mother, Maria, and her grandchildren, Efstratios, maria and Athanasios. 


Above: Filia. L-R: myself, Aristarhos Papoutsis and unknown. 

Above Middle: During my National Service- at Sidirokastro. c1957.

Above Right: A portrait. 


Above: with my wife, Sotiria. 

Above Right: With my sister-in-law, Dimitra, Eleftheria Vourgaleri and my sister, Stella. 


Above and Above Right: Both my sons, Mihail and Athanasios, have graduated as accountants. On the right photograph, I am also with my Sotiria. 


Above: With my fellow writer friends. Standing is Andreas Triantafilpoulos and Evangelos Miron. Seated are myself, Ioannis Liaskos and Ioannis Katsaras. 

Above Right: Welcoming Greek Member of Parliament, Nikolaos Sifonakis, at Melbourne Airport. L-R: Nikolaos Sifonakis, unknown, President of Palesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria, Nikolaos Tremoulas, myself- as Secretary of Palesviaki; and unknown.