Migrants- Eressos

Family Name: Deligiannis 
Name: Stavros      
Life:  1939-1996
Father's Name: Fotios (Eressos)  
Mother's Name:   Despina Kasambali (Eressos)
Siblings:  Ioannis, Orpheas, Pandelis 
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1965
Sponsor: Zographia Manola (his fiance at the time)  
Married: Zographia Manola (Antissa)  
Maria, Pandelis, Despina   
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
Livelihood: Dock Hand at Wellington port, builder



Above: A photograph taken in Antissa. Stavros' family moved to Antissa when he was a child and he grew up there. 

Above Right: With his wife, Zographia.