Migrants- Antissa


Family Name: Katehou 
Name: Maria
Year of Birth:   1931
Father's Name: Nikolaos
Mother's Name:   Pagona Douroudi  
Siblings:  Georgios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor: Dimitrios Douroudis (my uncle and godfather)
Married: Andonios Hatzikazamias (Sigri)
Children: Nikolaos, Panagiota
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
 Livelihood: Factory Hand- Streets Ice Cream (1964-66)



Above: My maternal grandparents, Giorgos and Marigo Douroudis, with my parents, Nikolaos and Pagona Katehos. Circa 1945.

Above Right: Excursion at Perivoli with my friends, Soustani, Victoria and Panagiota. I am on the left. Circa 1963.

Above: Piraeus 1964. Leaving for Australia. I am in the middle and my father, Nikolaos is next to me. We were hosted in Athens by Martha Sigalas (second from the left) and my cousin, Ioannis Krallis, is on the right. I travelled to Australia on the Mariana- on its maiden voyage.