Migrants- Paleohori


Family Name: Halakas
Name: Dimitrios
Year of Birth: 1947
Father's Name: Zafiris (Paleohori)
Mother's Name:   Penelope Tsiriani (Plomari)
Siblings:  Maria, Efstratios, Apostolos, Soula (Panani)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:    Soula Panani (my sister)
Married: Arhondoula Kyriazi (Plomari)
Children:  Zafiris, Irini, Georgios, Penelope, Apostolos
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- shops


Above: The Halakas family: my parents Penelope and Zafiris who are holdingApostolos and Stratos. In front is Maria and myself.

Above middle: My maternal grandfather, Efstratios Tsirianis.

Above Right: Naples, 1964. Naples was a transit stop on my way Australia. I traveled on the Roma.


Above: With friends, Kleanthis Divanis and Panagiotis Andronikos. I am on the right.

Above Right: At my wedding celebrations. On the left is my paternal uncle, Evangelos Halakas, and next to him is my wife, Arhondoula and myself. On the right are: Ioannis Karavas, Irini- Evangelos' wife.


Above: With my wife, Arhondoula.

Above Right: In the neighbourhood, Lagoudora. First from the right is my maternal grandmother, Maria Tsiriani (nee: Crisafis, while fourth from the right is Maria Mouhtouris (nee: Ahilaras).


Above: Working in our family business- Jimmy's Take Away- at Emu Heights. We owned the business for 24 years (1978- 2001).

Above Right: My five children at our family business, Jimmy's Take Away.