Sydney's Antiisians Launch Website

Antissian Website: A Step Closer to Antissians On a Global Level  

In response to the number of youth turning up to Antissian Association of NSW events as well as the number of charity work carried out by the association, it has been inspired to enter the global web to push and promote Antissa. Following on from the success of the Facebook group 'Mitilinians from Antissa', the Antissian Association has launched its
new website

Still in its early stages, the aim of the website is to allow Antissians not just here in NSW but around the world to see what work is being done by the NSW members and to allow others to view our work whilst we promote not only our beautiful island in a philanthropic way, but promote the hospitable heart of Antissians here in NSW.

The website incorporates the modernised logo of our association, highlighting our heritage with the Greek flag, our village with the statue of liberty in Antissa and our Australian background and place of existence today. Promotion of our work and our village is key to our future success in Australia - a path and vision we all share as one moving forward.