Migrants- Anemotia


Family Name: Piperias
Name: Dimitrios
Year of Birth:      1938
Father's Name: Haralambos (Anemotia)
Mother's Name:   Evremedi Enezli (Anemotia)
Siblings:  Irini (Laskaridi), Georgios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor:    Georgios Vogiatzis (Anemotia)
Married:  Mary Sandava (Stypsi)
Children:  Eve (Evremedi), Penelope
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- shops



  Above: My family. L-R: my brother, Georgios- holdng my daughter, Eve; my parents, Evremedi and Haralambos; my wife, Mary; and myself- holding my daughter, Penelope.

Above Right: With my siblings and relatives. L-R: my cousin, Thoula Enezli; my sister, Irini; and myself. In the front row is my brother, Georgios (right).


  Above: As a youngster.

Above Right: With my friends. L-R: myself, Dimitrios Filakis, Dimitrios Daras and Theologos Enezlis


  Above: Outside the Piraeus Restaurant, in Russell St, Melbourne, where I worked for three years. At the time, it was owned by Dimitrios Skaftouros. 

Above Right: At a Mytilenian function of the Pittakos Association. I am second from the left. Circa late 1950's.


  Above: At our daughter Penelope's baptism. L-R: my father, Haralambos; myself; my wife, Mary- holding our daughter, Penelope; our daughter, Eve; and our koubaro, Byron Havgiarides. 

Above Right: Family and Horiani. Standing are my wife, Mary and I, and, Evangelia and Ignatios Demetriou. The children are our daughter, Irini(middle), and Panagiotis Demetriou.  


Above: With my wife, Mary, our children and their partners, and our grandchildren.

Above Right: As President of the Palesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria, celebrating our Association' birthday. L-R: Maria Vetsika, unknown, myself, my wife, Mary, and, Christos and Adrianna Karageorgiou.