Migrants- Stypsi


Surname: Demertjis 
Name: Ioannis 
Year of Birth:   19
Father's Name: Stylianos (Stypsi)
Mother's Name:   Konstantina Andriotou (Aivali, Asia Minor) 
Siblings: Eleni (Agamali), Maria (Gavriil), Efstratios, Miltiades
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1962
Sponsor:  Eleni Agamali (my sister) 
Married: Elvira Hondrou (Stypsi) 
Children:  Stylianos, Efstratios, Eleftherios 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business


Above: With my parents, Stylianos and Konstantina, and brothers, Efstratios and Miltiades. 

Above Right: My father's older brother, Stavros. 


Above: In our bakche at Klapado, looking after our sheep. 

Above Right: At Klapado. From left, we are; Andonios Gialaris, unknown, Baboulas' two sons (from Filia), Ioannis Sgournios and myself. 


Above: Family and friends. From left, they are: Karavatellis' two children- with my mother Konstantina in the middle; my brother, Miltiades; my father, Stylianos; and my brother, Efstratios. My brothers are migrating to Australia (1964). 

Above Right: Working at the Seven Seas Fish Shop in Orange, New South Wales. From left, we are: myself, my koubari, Konstantina and Efstratios Zaharis; and my koubaro, Stefanos Petrellis (Konstantina's brother). 


Above: With my wife, Elvira, and our sons, Stylianos, Efstratios and Eleftherios.