Migrants- Samos


Family Name: Efstathiou
Name: Georgios
Year of Birth:      1942
Father's Name: Emmanouil 
Mother's Name:   Kassandra Kanelou 
Siblings:  Ralia (Karakonstanti), Diamando (Hatzivasiliou), Evangelos, Stamatia (Petrou), Thalia
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1963
Sponsor:    Diamando and Stamatia (my sisters)
Married:  Efterpi (Effy) Hatzistamatiou (Ano Vathi, Samos) 
Children:  Kassandra, Emmanouil, Ioanna
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Shucker (Oyster Opener)



Above: My parents, Kassandra and Emmanouil. 

Above Right: My first photograph in Australia, which was taken at Enmore Park, Enmore. I am on the left, while the other two fellows are workmates. 


Above and Above Right: Two photographs taken at Samian social functions. In the black-and-white photograph, I am dancing in the middle on the circle. In the picnic photograph, I am cooking the barbaque, while my wife, Efterpi (Effy) and son, Emmanouil, are on the left. 

Above: As a shucker (oyster opener) at Seafood Systems, St Peters, Sydney. I had been a shucker since 1972 and subsequently for forty years. For most of the years, I worked at Waterloo Oysters, which were initially owned by my brother-in-law, Alex Hatzivasiliou who then sold the business to Peter Louis.